Celebrities in Chobe
Choice of the Rich and Famous

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Guests at Chobe Game Lodge are treated like celebrities.
For countless years, Chobe Game Lodge has lured celebrities and the world's elite, enchanting them with luxurious accommodation, exquisite service, and spectacular wildlife.Among the celebrities whom have fallen in love with Chobe are Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and renowned wildlife commentator Roger Attenborough, to name but a few. Chobe has a way of capturing the imagination of visitors, who come from around the globe to relish one of the world's ultimate wildlife experiences.In 1967, Chobe was declared a national park - the first national park in Botswana. Plans for tourism did not really materialize until the late 1960s, with Chobe receiving great international publicity in the early 1970s when film stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton re-married at Kasane. Their wedding catapulted the name of Botswana into the pages of the world media as the paparazzi flocked in to cover the celebrated event.

The village of Kasane on the banks of the magnificent Chobe River is famous for being where Richard Burton was inspired to propose to Elizabeth Taylor for the second time and for offering the best boat based elephant and game experience in Africa! Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were so entranced with the wilderness area that they decided to remarry there. Those sufficiently interested can ask to be shown the spot where they took their vows!

The Burton's stay exceeded 6 weeks at a time when there were few tourists around, and the park was pristine. It is known that the couple's guide took photos of the wedding but has never had the images developed, the spool lying in a safe in his house for the past 40 years.

The Presidential Game Drive

More recently in 1998, then president Bill Clinton and first lady, Hilary, visited Chobe National Park. Clinton said that anyone who has visited a magnificent place like Chobe National Park 'instinctively feels humanity's sacred obligation to preserve our environment.' Along with guide Richard Randall, and 3 secret service agents, the Clintons made their way through the park in an open 4x4 vehicle and enjoyed the full safari experience.

Clinton looked the part of a safari sightseer. He wore a drab green shirt and a baseball cap. Hillary wore a wide-brimmed hat for protection against the blazing sun. The Clintons drove along 30 miles of dusty trails in search of wildlife. They were not disappointed. Baboons scampered in the scrub. A huge herd of Cape Buffalo, with their gracefully curved horns, gathered at a watering hole.

At the Chobe River, the Clintons saw a Hippo raise its head from the Crocodile infested water and indignantly snort at them. An Eagle watched the scene from atop a tree. The air was filled with bird calls and the exotic sounds of the wild.

The first lady said they saw hippos and crocodiles, adding excitedly, 'We saw the lions. We saw a mother Lion and four cubs.'' The president concluded, 'The mother lion was on her back playing with the kids. It was great. At one point, she even had one of the cubs tail in her mouth. They were playing back and forth.''Naturally, they also saw a profusion of the famous Chobe elephants, some of which strolled nonchalantly near the president's open-air touring vehicle. When a reporter asked if a Democratic president could admire elephants, the symbol of Republicans, the president joked, 'Yes, and I like to see them concentrated here.'' He added, 'Actually I was kind of jealous that the Republicans had appropriated such a nice animal as their symbol. I think they're fascinating.''For an elite adventure fit for a celebrity visit Chobe and experience the charm and majestic beauty of this special place for yourself!

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