Elephant Back Safaris in the Okavango Delta

Experience amazing elephant back safari's in the Okavango Delta.

An Okavango safari is a sensational experience, but from the back of an Elephant, you can see for miles and game viewing is truly ‘up close and personal'. This Elephant interaction is potentially life changing, but at the very least you will gain amazing new perspectives.

The Okavango Delta is an awesome wildlife sanctuary in the Kalahari Desert - it offers a miraculous supply of water that feeds a complex eco-system. From the air the Delta looks like a giant fan, and on the ground it offers a wonderland of river channels, islands, lily-covered lagoons and contrasting floodplains.

So for the opportunity of a lifetime, follow your heart and take a walk with these giants in this exceptional African wilderness, here are 3 camps where you can enjoy Elephant activities while on an Okavango safari:

Abu Camp

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At Abu Camp you can interact with 7 members of a resident herd of Elephant which is led by the matriarch Cathy. Some herd members have been rescued from difficult circumstances or have been born at Abu, but all have interesting life stories. Abu Camp, where possible, releases Elephant that it has been caring for back into the wild.

When visiting Abu Camp you can enjoy an Elephant Back Safari and experience game viewing from this unique perspective. Other options include Walks with Elephant and the opportunity to talk to local researchers about Elephant conservation issues. In any case, you'll be able to physically interact with herd members and gain incredible insight into their behaviour and personalities.

Beautiful Abu Camp is located in a private concession in the south-west Delta and features a range of habitats, plentiful water and vegetation plus an abundance of wildlife which includes wild Elephant herds. It's the perfect sanctuary for the Abu Herd.

Activities at Abu Camp include Star Bed sleep-out's with Elephants, Elephant Back Safaris, walks and interaction, game drives, mokoro safaris (traditional canoe rides with a poler / guide), birding and scenic flights over the Delta.

Baine's Camp

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Meet Jabu, Thembi and Morula, orphaned Elephants that have been taken into the hearts of everyone at both camps! These remarkable adult Elephants are semi-habituated and act as guides on special bush walks. The Elephants set off each morning to inspect their home range and a few guests can accompany them for a safari experience like no other.

You'll be able to see how they take a shower in lagoon waters, search for fruit in nearby trees and use their dexterous trunks to pull leaves from branches. You'll be able to interact with these gentle giants while walking at a leisurely pace and later observe them as you enjoy a welcome picnic lunch.

Baine's Camp is an intimate camp situated on a private land concession beside the renowned Moremi Game Reserve. There are no fences between the reserve and surrounding concessions so wildlife is abundant and all of the Big Five are present.

Stanley's Camp

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Stanley's Camp shares the same concession as Baines Camp, but overlooks the Okavango floodplains which demonstrate great seasonal variations. From this lovely tented camp you can watch huge herds of game march across the savannah.

Activities at both camps include Elephant Interaction, game drives (seasonal night drives), walking safaris, birding, motorboat excursions and mokoro safaris (traditional canoe rides with a poler / guide) as well as scenic heli-flights over the beautiful Okavango Delta.

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