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Elephant-back safari at Abu Camp. OkavangoElephant-back safari at Abu Camp
Abu Concession is known for Elephant safari's in the Okavango Delta. This stunning region of the Delta also offers horseback safari's and is a good region to try and catch a glimpse of the rare Sitatunga. The Abu Concession area covers 173 000 hectares (1730km) in the south-western part of the Delta. It is known to be drier than other areas of the Delta. It has a range of different habitats - from seasonal floodplains, to permanent channels dotted with palm islands, and patches of Kalahari savannah in the West.The Abu Concession usually gets flooded quite early in the season, from about May through to September. At this time of year, the concession is ideal for a wet and dry safari combination. The focus of most camps in the area is on safari activities, and the concession is famous for pioneering Elephant back safari's in the Okavango over 20 years ago. Horse riding safaris are another popular activity in this concession.


The concession has regions of seasonally flooded plains, as well as beautiful palm islands surrounded by deep water channels. The western areas are drier, with more typical Kalahari style vegetation. The area is a study in contrasts between the wetland and desert environments. The region has many Terminalia and Appleleaf trees.


The grassy boggy plains attract vast herds of big game such as Buffalo, Elephant, Zebra, and Blue Wildebeest as well as numerous Hippos. Red Lechwes are often seen, and Abu is considered to be a very good area to try and spot the rare Sitatunga antelope. The dominant predators in the area include Lion and Spotted Hyena.


There are over 380 bird species to be found in the region, such as Wattle Cranes, Saddle Billed Storks, Egrets and Long Crested Eagles.

When to visit

This area is famous for its Elephant and horse-riding safaris. It is therefore better to plan your trip for the dry winter months (from May to December) when these game viewing activities will be more enjoyable.

Getting there

You will have to pre-book and fly-in to these camps, as they cannot be accessed by road.

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