Chobe Travel Experiences

Learn more about Chobe, Botswana, by reading the records of previous travelers to the area. These travel articles explains the typical Chobe safari and will help you to decide which time is best to visit Botswana.

A Sunset Cruise on the Chobe River

Gliding down the calm waters of the Chobe River in Botswana in gentle communion with herds of Elephants - this could be what Eden was like...more

Celebrities in Chobe - Choice of the Rich and Famous

For countless years, Chobe Game Lodge has lured celebrities and the world's elite, enchanting them with luxurious accommodation, exquisite s...more

Chobe Dust - Chobe Travel Guide

There is a place where elephants, lured by the season, concentrate in large herds creating dust and scenes from a time of our dreams. Game m...more

Chobe Journals - Chobe Travel Guide

Chobe Journals: Place of Dust. The floodplains were empty, cleared overnight, except for an itinerant impala herd. Yesterday clouds of dust ...more

Chobe Safari Diary

Savuti is an enigma, a place where the laws of Africa are extended beyond the recognizable. At times it is a river providing a lifeline in a...more

Chobe Safari Journals - The Skull on the Plains

On a typical Chobe safari it is quiet possible to find several animal skulls - a silent testimony to the grand cycle of life and death...more

Chobe. A Place of Contrasts

As with many rivers in Africa the Chobe River showcases a place of many contrasts during the seasons, for here is a place that provides a li...more

Nine Stamps in your Passport in 24 Hours

When visiting Chobe National Park, that sits where four countries meet, you may end up crossing several borders and learn what an African bo...more
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