Savute Safari Guide

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This guide to a Savute safari offers accurate information on getting to the area as well as which is the best time of year to go on safari.

Appreciating the Wilderness - Savute Safari Guide

All wilderness areas of Africa have a unique soul, a sense of place that differentiates them from others, and Savute in Botswana...more

Best Time to Visit Savute

Savute has gone through dramatic changes over the past two years. From being an arid area with three waterholes to support the wildlife, Sav...more

Changing Seasons - Savute Safari Journal

As Botswana's seasons change from the dry months to the rainy season, the anticipation of rain becomes palpable in the change in animal beha...more

Changing Wilderness

The Savuti Channel has begun to flow again after almost 30 years of being dry and the area is undergoing great change, with animals having t...more

Dramatic Beauty - Savute Safari Guide

The Savuti Channel rises in the Linyanti Swamps and courses through some of the driest territory in Botswana before reaching the Savuti Mars...more

Ecology of Savute - Savute Safari Guide

The north-east of Botswana has some of the best and most varied safari opportunities with terrain that changes from lush river floodplains t...more

Getting to Savute

Getting to Savute by light aircraft is a breeze. All of our Siyabona Botswana safaris include flights to and from, and between the various l...more

Place of Contrasts - Savute Safari Journal

Sleep always comes slowly to me in Savute – and I find myself spending a great deal of time pondering the significance of things whilst wa...more

Savute Highlights

Savute is a land of surprise and contrast. It has several geological features that show how the forces of nature are shaping the land over t...more

Savute is a Wilderness Reborn

The Savute region in Botswana's Chobe National Park is a place of constant change, where the river may flow for half a century and dry up fo...more

Getting to Savute

Today Savuti is undergoing a radical transformation. The channel has begun to flow, the marsh is flooded again...more

Savuti Enigma - Savute Safari Journal

There are names that conjure up emotions from distant memory, the raw emotions of struggle, despair, romance and hope. Savuti is such a plac...more
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