Linyanti Safari Guide

Uncertain about what to expect on a Linyati safari in Botswana? This guide to the ecosystem, wildlife and seasons of the region will help you decide on the best time to visit.

Best Time to Visit Linyanti

Linyanti River, in the north-east region of Botswana is renowned for having large numbers of Elephant, which are more abundant the during th...more

Linyanti Safari Travel Guide

Linyanti in northern Botswana is said to be one of the last great wilderness areas in Southern Africa. Overlooked for decades, this beautifu...more

Lifeline of Savute - Linyanti Safari Guide

The Savuti region covers an approximate area of 5000 square kilometres and is located in the South West of Chobe in Botswana...more

Linyanti Ecosystem - Linyanti Safari Guide

Connoisseurs in the safari industry are calling the Linyanti ecosystem in Botswana, the new big thing in African safaris and many consider t...more

Linyanti Journals - Linyanti Travel Guide

With the ending of the hunting the wildlife slowly began to settle down and I heard rumours that Linyanti was becoming one of Botswana's fin...more

Linyanti Travel Journal - Fleeting Beauty

Butterflies are of the few insects that people stop and admire for their beauty and range of colours, but as with humanity the beauty is qui...more

Linyanti Wildlife - Linyanti Travel Guide

The Linyanti region used to be a hunting concession and for a while the animals were shy of the vehicles, but in the last decade the area ha...more

Selinda and Kwando Private Concessions in Linyanti

The Selinda Reserve in Botswana is a small, private wildlife management area located along the Selinda Spillway, which links the Okavango De...more

The Linyanti Habitat. Northern Botswana

The Linyanti safari area in Botswana is one of the most pristine wilderness areas in Africa. The region has one of the densest wildlife popu...more

Wild Dogs of Linyanti - Linyanti Safari Guide

A highlight of your Linyanti Safari is seeing Wild Dogs which are known for their beautiful patchwork coats. They are one of Africa's rarest...more
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