Okavango Panhandle Travel Guide

Your guide to a visit to the Okavango Panhandle renowned for its excellent fishing and birding opportunities. This guide offers all you need to know for your Okavango safari.

About Okavango Panhandle

An aerial view of the Okavango Delta will resemble a pan shaped figure. At its base, the Panhandle as it has become known is the main waterc...more

All African Fly Fishing in the Okavango Panhandle, Botswana

If you are a fly fisherman, finding a barbel run in full swing in the Okavango Panhandle, and successfully landing a big Okavango tiger will...more

Fishing and Birding in the Okavango Panhandle

The Okavango Panhandle is legendary for its fishing, and many visitors come from around the world to experience the fishing here, but in saf...more

Okavango Panhandle Attractions

Well known among fishermen and birders alike, the Okavango Panhandle has never been explored as a safari destination in its own right...more

Okavango Panhandle Flora, Fauna and Birding

A safari in the Okavango Panhadle region is more about the tranquility and scenery than a big game viewing safari experience...more

Okavango Panhandle Wildlife

The Okavango Panhandle is not a well known destination on the African photographic safaris map – known only by avid fishermen and more rec...more
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