Okavango Wildlife Guide

This comprehensive Okavango Delta Wildlife Guide will explain the behavior and habitats of the beautiful animals that inhabit the Okavango in Botswana.

Baboons of the Okavango Delta

Baboons have many endearing characteristics and provide endless entertainment on game drives in Africa but in the Okavango Delta in Botswana...more

Buffalo in the Okavango

The Okavango Delta is a haven for Cape Buffalo which occur in herds in their thousands. These herds move between the permanent waterways of ...more

Elephant Time in Botswana

Botswana is renowned for its great Elephant concentrations, and safari-goers are always impressed by the numbers, but there is also the oppo...more

Elephants of the Okavango

One of Botswana's biggest draw cards is the number of Elephants that live in Northern Botswana. These majestic animals follow ancient migrat...more

Hippo of the Okavango

One of the iconic animals of the Okavango Delta has to the Hippo, and there are many of these rotund creatures that call the Delta home. The...more

Lions of the Okavango

Lions are not the first animal that comes to mind when you think of an inland Delta, but the Lions of the Okavango have adapted to their wet...more

Red Lechwe of the Okavango

The antelope that is most associated with the Okavango Delta has to be the Red Lechwe, large herds of which can be seen grazing on the seaso...more

Rhino in the Okavango

The Okavango Delta is one of the few places in Botswana where you can see the Big Five since Rhino have been reintroduced into the region...more

Sitatunga Of the Okavango

One of the Africa's most elusive antelope is the Sitatunga. The Okavango is one their last refuges and is one of the best places to see them...more

Sitatunga - a True Water Antelope of the Okavango

Hide and seek in a water wonderland – in search of the elusive Sitatunga. Not many visitors to the Okavango Delta are lucky enough to have...more

Spotted Hyena of the Okavango

Hyenas are made famous for their cowardly reputations in movies like the Lion King, but they are actually highly intelligent and social anim...more

Spotty Necked Otters

One of the Okavango Delta's most playful in habitants, Spotty Necked otters often give tourists hours of pleasure as they feed, frolic and p...more

The Spectacular Botswana Wildlife Safari

Unforgettable Botswana wildlife safaris are the ones where you have your camera ready to capture the drama. Read more about wildlife in each...more

Tsessebe in the Okavango

Tsessebe are commonly found in the drier areas of the Okavango Delta. They are pretty much year round residents and are one of the favorite ...more

Wild Dogs of Botswana

Wild Dogs are also known as Hunting Dogs or by the apt name Painted Hunting Dogs referring to their beautiful patchwork quilt. These dogs ar...more

Zebra in the Okavango

When one talks about Zebra migrations, the Serengeti comes to mind, but what many tourists do not know is that Botswana is home to the world...more
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