Savute Wildlife Guide

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Read more about Botswana's greatest attraction - its wildlife. The Savute region is home to great numbers of wildlife species including the predators.

Elephant Killers of Botswana

Learn more about lions hunting elephants in Botswana. For visitors wanting to experience the legend of the Lions killing Elephants then a vi...more

Guiding Recollections

I was not one of the guides taken to constantly trying to impress guests through showing them my extraordinary senses or my intimate knowled...more

Hyenas of Savute

Hyenas are one of the most common and successful predators that you will see while on safari in the Savuti region of Botswana. The Savuti re...more

Savute Safari Journal - Lions of Savute

Read a fascinating Savute safari journal account of a pride of Lions attacking a hippo - by Mark & Lizette Carlson, managers of Savute Safar...more

Savute Safari Journal - On the Passing of Majesty

When an elephant dies the captured moment is that of the passing of an icon but when an impala dies the captured moment is of the grace of t...more

Savute Wildlife - Savute Safari Guide

This Savute Safari Guide explains more about the amazing Wildlife of Savute and the notorious Elephant-killing Lions. Savute is a region tha...more

Savute, A Land of Predators

Come and encounter the legendary Lions and Leopards of Savute. This remote and rugged corner of Botswana is the perfect for those with an ad...more
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