Ultimate Boat Safari on Chobe River

A highlight of your Chobe safari is game viewing along the Chobe River. During the dry winter months large herds of animals gather here as it is the only permanent water for many kilometers.

Chobe River in a Nutshell

The Chobe River forms the northernmost boundary of the Chobe National Park. The riverfront is a haven for wildlife, particularly in the dry season when the water in the dry interior of Botswana has dried up.

Renowned for its large elephant and buffalo numbers the Chobe riverfront is also a haven for many other animals including Hippo, Lions and other predators, many species of antelope and diverse birdlife.

Elephant Crossing

The river also forms the border between Botswana and Namibia's Caprivi Strip. Animals, particularly Elephants, avoided the Caprivi Strip in the past due to military activity by the South African Defence Forces who were known to be poaching the elephants. The animals realized the danger and did not cross the river, but today this has changed and it is not uncommon to watch a herd of Elephant crossing the water.

The Chobe region is the highest density tourism area in Botswana. With a number of lodges, hotels and campsites and easy access to Victoria Falls the park provides an ideal daytrip for visitors. Despite this high density of tourists, the game viewing is spectacular.

Game viewing is done from game drive vehicles and boats. Sitting in a boat watching a herd of Elephant drinking is a unique game viewing experience.

Chobe Safari

With easy access from Victoria Falls, an international airport, a range of accommodations and great game viewing, the Chobe River area is an ideal safari holiday destination. Most of the wildlife activity occurs around the river banks especially during the drier winter months, as animals have to congregate at the river to quench their thirst.

The area offers spectacular game viewing either on a game drive or on the actual river during a boating safari. There is also game viewing in the summer months, and bird lovers will also have their share of amazing sightings with over 400 different species of birds in the park.

While driving around the river's edge you may see up to 15 different species of animals, including Giraffe, Waterbuck, Roan and Sable, Lechwe, Monkeys and Baboons, Kudu, Impala. You can also see the Puku antelope - the Chobe River is the only part in Botswana where Puku can be seen. The area is also home to numerous predators including Lion, Jackal, Leopard and Hyena.

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