Kalahari Travel Articles

Read through this library of articles on the Central Kalahari Desert in Botswana, which explain life in the arid region and how to explore the region.

Kalahari Journals - Kalahari Travel Guide

The Kalahari has played on the minds and passions of explorers and adventurers for centuries and in particular the area located in the cente...more

Kalahari Travel Journal - A Place of Healing

Accommodation review of Grasslands Safari Lodge and Deception Valley Lodge located in the Central Kalahari of Botswana. The dust turns the s...more

Kalahari Travel Journal - Fences of Death

Nowhere in Africa has the debate between development and conservation been so extreme as in Botswana with the erection of veterinary fences ...more

Kalahari Travel Journal - Kalahari Moments

Experience the spiritual solitude of isolation on a visit to the vast Kalahari desert... as described by Leigh Kemp...more

Kalahari Travel Journal - Land of Drying Rivers

The fascinating cycle of life of the Kalahari can be experienced in the valleys and dunes of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana, ...more

Kalahari Travel Journal - Living Desert

The Sands of the Kalahari Desert cover nearly three quarters of the land area of Botswana and, with many vastly differing eco-systems, provi...more

Kalahari Travel Journal - The Fly of my Travails

Summer in the Kalahari is oppressive. None-the-less, there is still much of interest in wildlife behavior and the tenacity to cling to life...more

The San Of The Kalahari

The ruling by the Botswana High Court in December 2006 entitling the Basarwa San or bushmen of the Kalahari to live in the Central Kalahari ...more
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