Space, Time and Place
Makgadikgadi Safari Journal

© A road into Vast Nothingness


Space is the place of your being, your inner place, where you can be alone, withdrawn from the world, and space is the whole, the vastness. You do not need isolation to find space. It is all around. When you find your own space you will find the whole and you will be at peace.


Time is a moment, already past, still to come. Time is a generation, an ancient thought. Time is eternity. Time is night and day and the passing seasons [and yet we set our own limits on time].

And when you have found your space time will become immaterial.


Place is a moment, a space.
Place is an emotion, controlled by our being and place is time,
present and past.


Dust is a moment
Dust is space, time and place

by Leigh Kemp
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