Island Walks in the Okavango Delta

Guided island walks in the Okavango Delta in Botswana offer truly sensational experiences. With every step you will become more aware of nature and notice fascinating details that would be missed otherwise.The Okavango Delta changes all the time with islands appearing and disappearing according to the onset of flooding and related animal movements. This is a waterlogged place and many islands simply cannot be reached, so with the changing seasons, where you may go on walks is an exciting adventure. There are tens of thousands of islands to choose from!

The Experience

The lush, fragrant vegetation and your anticipation of unexpected discoveries create a heady atmosphere.You'll hear movement in the trees and see signs of animal life. Your experienced guide will identify animal tracks and examine droppings, giving insight into the way of life of the creature and its habits. The Okavango is full of wildlife - who knows what you will encounter!

Hippo and Crocodile activity on and around the islands is an issue, you don't want to get in their way, so your guide will move on if needed.

You could see Giraffe and Zebra or Impala, even Elephant and Lion - but whatever you do, don't run! Your guide will have prepared you in advance so stand with your group and absorb the moment.

Bird watching is a highlight on island walks - you can spot many migrants amongst resident birds especially in the summer, and of course there are plenty of wetland species to look out for. Islands can turn into breeding havens when the floodwaters have receded, revealing ample food supplies which were hidden under the water.

You could spot Long-toed Lapwings and Herons amongst many other species.

Where to go

Camps in the Okavango offer walking safaris on a variety of islands. You can combine this activity with a mokoro ride there and back, which is a sublime way to enjoy the Delta. A mokoro is a traditional style canoe steered by a poler / guide who will move the craft through the water with the aid of a long wooden pole. Some island excursions include a picnic as part of the adventure.
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Eagle Island Camp enjoys a secluded location on Chief's Island at the outskirts of Moremi Wildlife Reserve. The camp overlooks a beautiful lagoon which attracts big game and exotic birds. Camp Okavango is situated on Nxaragha Island in the permanent waters of the Delta, which allows for year round water activities including fishing and great birding.

Little Vumbura is an intimate camp in a private concession on the Duba Plains; it's surrounded by water but has access to the grasslands, so you can enjoy guided game drives land and water activities.

Okavango Delta Safari Lodges Offering Island Walks

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