Little Mombo Camp
Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

Excellent game at Little Mombo Camp has made this Moremi Game Reserve safari area Botswana's top wildlife documentary location.

Your Expected Moremi Game Reserve Safari Lodge Experience

  • Lodging: Little Mombo Camp offers 3 attractive and exclusive tented rooms
  • Location: Situated just off the northwestern tip of Chief's Island
  • Activities: Game drives allows you to view large concentrations of game

Little Mombo is built on the same island as Mombo and is an extension of the main camp. Although Little Mombo has only 3 rooms, it can be enlarged for larger groups by booking out some of the rooms from the main camp. Located just off the north western tip of Chiefs Island, is the secret paradise of Mombo, situated deep within the Moremi Game Reserve, which boasts large numbers of wildlife.

Little Mombo Camp provides one of the highest quality wildlife viewing opportunities in Africa. Giant Umbrella Thorns and Ilala palms dot the expansive plains to create a superb savanna landscape alongside the marshes and floodplains of the Delta.

Solitude for guests is ensured, as you have exclusive use of this area for Mombo and your trail camps. Apart from the sporadic government official or wildlife filmmaker, the staff and other guests are the only other people you will see during your stay.

This Moremi Game Reserve safari lodge has a total of 12 guest rooms divided into 2 distinct and independent camps. Mombo has 9 rooms and Little Mombo has 3 rooms. Each tented room is raised off the ground offering great views over the plains.

Little Mombo Camp rooms have a tented camp feel, but are luxuriously appointed. The bathrooms are en-suite, including indoor and outdoor showers. The main living area is under thatch and canvas. There are pools at both camps. Raised walkways link bedrooms to the living area.

A large pack of Wild Dogs frequent the area around the camp and have been successful in raising large litters in recent years. The excellent game at Mombo Camp has made this area Botswana's top wildlife documentary location.

National Geographic, BBC and many others have been filming here. Birdlife is prolific with waterfowl and waders being particularly common. Dickinson's Kestrel, Pinkthroated Longclaw, Black Coucal, (summer months), Wattled Crane and Meyer's Parrot are among the species found on the floodplains and in the woodlands.

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