Tuli Block Safari Guide

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Need to know how to get to Tuli Block in Botswana, or which season offers the best game viewing? This safari guide offers information on the region and what to do while on safari in Northern Tuli Game Reserve.

Best Time to Visit Tuli

Tuli Block has the same seasons as the other areas of Botswana in that that winters are dry and the summers warm and wet. Animals concentrat...more

Birds of Tuli Block

On a Tuli Block Safari in Botswana you will see some of the many species of birds that are endemic to the region. The Tuli Block area is kno...more

Geology of Tuli

One of the major highlights of the Tuli area is the incredible rock formations that occur in the region. This is because Tuli is located alo...more

Getting to Tuli Block

The Tuli Block is an area of private land in eastern Botswana ceded to the British government by the local authorities to act as a buffer ag...more

Mashatu Game Reserve Guide

This far eastern corner of Botswana is historically known as the Tuli Block and is an extremely picturesque and diverse wilderness. It has r...more

The Skies Over Tuli

One of the most memorable aspects of a Tuli Block safari is the wide open skies that allow you to appreciate the vastness of the African bus...more

Trees of Tuli Block

The area known as the Tuli Block area is home to some of the most magnificent trees known to man. Some of the trees in Tuli are estimated to...more

Tuli Adventure

The Tuli area is a place very different to the rest of Botswana, a place of towering cliffs and rugged terrain, it is a must for any safari-...more

Tuli Safari Travel Guide

The Tuli Block features the largest privately owned game reserve in Southern Africa. A Tuli safari offers something uniquely different from ...more

Vegetation of Tuli

One of the greatest aspects of a Tuli safari is the magnificent scenery of the region. Humungous trees and amazing rock formations have give...more
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