Tuli Adventure

The Tuli area is a place very different to the rest of Botswana, a place of towering cliffs and rugged terrain, it is a must for any safari-goer who wants to experience the best of what Botswana has to offer. Situated in the far south east of the country the Tuli Block is as unique to Botswana as it is dramatic in landscape.

North-east Tuli Game Reserve

Parts of the Tuli Block have been established as game reserves for photographic safaris including the North-east Tuli Reserve which encompasses a number of private reserves including Tuli and Mashatu. These two reserves are the main focus of safari tourism to the area.The North-east Tuli Game Reserve lies north of the Motloutse River and is wedged in the Shashe and Limpopo conference and is accessed by a cable car when the Limpopo is in flood. Visitors leave their cars at the Border Post, cross the river by cable car and are picked up by their respective lodge staff.

Self-Drive Tuli

As the park is private land only the main road through the area can be accessed if not staying in one of the lodges, although this drive can be fruitful at times. It has to be remembered that the border post opening and closing times are strictly adhered to now, unlike in the past, and no exceptions are made.

Land of the Giants

Also known as The Land of the Giants because of the prevalence of Baobabs on the landscape and the presence of elephants, the Tuli is a must see destination and is truly an experience that will live long in the memory.

The Tuli Block in History

Ceded to the British government in 1885 by the local chief to act as a buffer zone against the advancing Boers, and to be used as part of the route for the Cape to Cairo railway, the Tuli Block was eventually divided into farms for European settlers to the area. This was done after the railway plans fell through.

Once an Empire

The Tuli area was once part of a great empire as can be noted from all the ruins in the park, however not much is known of this empire as very little excavation has been done. It is believed by some non-mainstream scientists that the empire stretched from Great Zimbabwe to Mapungubwe across the border in South Africa.
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