The Skies Over Tuli

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One of the most memorable aspects of a Tuli safari is the wide open skies that allow you to appreciate the vastness of the African bush.The Tuli Block skies play host to some of the world's most amazing constellations and the Tuli region is one of the best places to go star gazing while on safari. On a night with clear skies, an amazing dome of stars covers the huge Tuli skies, providing unforgettable star-gazing opportunities unhindered by the city's pollution or bright lights.The best time of the year for stargazing is in September when constellations such as Orion and the Seven Sisters appear in the night sky, and are completely visible to the naked eye. These constellations form part of the unrivalled Milky Way, and are used by local inhabitants to determine planting seasons and good harvest times.Likewise, shooting stars are seen to hold cultural significance with locals - they have been said to signify the death of a chief or a bad omen. Traditionally locals have been known to spit after having seen one, as a guard against misfortune.The Tuli Block is one of the few unspoiled areas of the world, with clean dry air and clear skies. If you are into stargazing, our spectacular night sky is going to really dazzle you.
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