Highlights of the Okavango

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Highlights of the Okavango Delta include its spectacular scenery and an event that takes place annually, which occurs in very few other places around the world...an event that is only now beginning to be appreciated by the world at large. It is the flooding of the seasonal floodplains of the Okavango.

What makes this natural event so dramatic is that it occurs at the peak of the dry season, 4 - 6 months after the last rains have fallen in Botswana. The reason for the water arriving so late is that it travels almost 2000 km over a relatively flat landscape from the highlands of Angola.

Besides the annual flooding of the Delta, other highlights are the various ecosystems found in the Okavango. These ecosystems range from deep permanent water channels to islands of Kalahari Sand, and somewhere in-between lies the magic of the Okavango.

The way the animals of the Okavango have adapted to the wetland environment is another highlight of the area. Species that supposedly do not like water such as the Lions spend a great deal of time with parts of the body submerged. So adapted are they to the wetland conditions, that they often use water to stalk and hunt their prey.

Unique Attractions of Okavango

The high season in the dry season concept is certainly the most unique attraction of the Okavango Delta.

Another unique attraction is the experience of viewing patterns of the Delta from the air in a light aircraft.

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