Okavango Self-drive Safari Guide

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A self-drive safari in the Okavango Delta revolves predominantly around the Moremi Game Reserve, as the areas of the Okavango outside of Moremi are private concessions where self driving is limited. The section on Moremi self drives explains in detail the attractions of a self drive safari in the Okavango.There is an area of the Okavango that can be accessed on a tarmac road in a standard sedan vehicle - this is the area in northern part of the country where the Okavango River enters Botswana. The river widens into what is known as the Panhandle and it is here that many people spend their Okavango self-drive holidays.The Panhandle is renowned for its fishing, and many self drive enthusiasts spend the holidays fishing and relaxing. There is game to be seen in the Panhandle but the region is more about the fishing.Although there are areas of the Panhandle that can be accessed by standard sedan vehicles it is advisable to check on your destination before deciding on this option as some of the lodges and campsites need the 4x4 option to access them.

How to Get There

The section on Moremi self-drives explains how to access the self-drive areas in the Okavango. The best areas for self drive in the Okavango can be accessed by Third Bridge, Xaxanaka and Khwai Northgate. These areas provide arguably the most dramatic self-drive experience in Africa.

These areas in Moremi can reserve can be accessed via Maun in the South and Chobe in the North.

The Panhandle is accessed from Maun or from Namibia's Caprivi Strip on a tarmac road, making it suitable as a standard sedan vehicle self drive destination. However, it should be ascertained beforehand whether the lodge or campsite of final destination has suitable roads leading from the tarmac road.

Places to Stay

Aside from Moremi safari lodges on the Moremi self drive route there is a choice of accommodation in the Okavango Panhandle, ranging from campsites and affordable cabins to more upmarket lodges. Another favourite of travellers is a houseboat safari on the OkavangoPanhandle.

Okavango and the Moremi

It must be remembered when talking about an Okavango self drive safari, that the routes taken will mirror the routes of the Moremi self drive safari due to the fact that the Moremi Game Reserve is part of the Okavango Delta.

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