The Best Time to Visit Moremi

© Elephants at a waterhole in Moremi
The Best Time to Visit Moremi Game Reserve depends on what you want to see or do. The best game-viewing months are not the best birding months... and depending on the rains, some roads become inaccessible. So read on...

Situated in north-eastern part of the Okavango, and arguably the most beautiful part of the Delta, the reserve provides some of the most dramatic game viewing in Botswana. The Okavango is made up of numerous ecosystems from floodplains to woodlands; seasonal rivers to dry desert sands, making it an ideal year-round African Safari destination.

The Seasons of Moremi

Moremi has a dry season and a rainy season.

The Dry Season stretches from April to October, with October being the hottest month.
The Wet Season sees rain fall between November and March.

What is unique is that during the dry season the waters of the Okavango are the highest levels of the year, due to the fact that most of the water that passes through the Okavango comes from the highlands of Angola almost 2000 km away, and only reaches the Okavango floodplains six months after the last rains have fallen there.

The dry season in the northern parts of Moremi, and in particular along the Khwai River, is when large herds of wildlife concentrate along its waterways.

Best time to visit Moremi for Wildlife

Moremi can certainly be considered a year-round destination, as there are always areas that provide incredible wildlife experiences. For those wanting to view the Okavango at its highest levels, the late dry season (September / October) is the best time to travel. This time of the year is also considered the best time for game viewing due to the animals concentrating along the waterways.

Best Time to Visit Moremi for Birding

As with many parts of Botswana the summer months (November to March) are the best time for birding as all the migrants species are in the area, and many of the birds are nesting or rearing their young. In many parts of Moremi colonies of birds have congregated to breed for the season.

Best time to visit Moremi for Other Activities

The activities in Moremi are varied with game drives, boating, nature walks and dugout canoe excursions available on a safari tour. The best time for river-borne safaris is during the dry season (April / October) when the Okavango Delta is at its peak and the wildlife is concentrating along waterways.

Game drives are excellent all year round in Moremi, but in a number of places the dry season can be considered to be the best time as the visibility is better and the game is more concentrated.

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