Moremi Game Reserve

In 1962 the local BaTawana people set aside a third of the Okavango Delta to protect it for the future. They called this the Moremi Game Reserve.

The Moremi Game Reserve forms the core of the region's reserves. Moremi encompasses a large area of the Okavango Delta's wetlands and the main dry peninsula that juts into the Delta, known as the Mopane Tongue. Moremi is lush and varied - a patchwork of lagoons, shallow flooded pans, plains and forests. It is one of Africa's finest areas for wildlife, with particularly high game densities.The animals found here are numerous and relaxed, often allowing vehicles to approach closely. Most of Moremi is only accessible to the fly-in camps on its fringes. However, there are several prime areas on the edge of the Mopane Tongue, a dry peninsula, where the land meets the Okavango's permanent waters. These include Khwai River, Xakanaxa Lagoon and Third Bridge - and they can be reached on a mobile safari, or on a self-drive drive safari, provided that one has a 4x4 vehicle.

Khwai River

On the northeast tip of Moremi, the Khwai River is a lovely area where tall evergreen trees line a wide floodplain. It boasts an excellent density and diversity of predator and prey species. Recently there's been a large pride of Lion here, hunting Buffalo and Elephant, while Leopard sightings are consistently good. Saddle-billed storks, wattled Cranes and many species of Kingfishers and Bee-eaters are common.

Xakanaxa Lagoon

In the heart of Moremi, at the tip of the Mopane Tongue, lies Xakanaxa Lagoon. Here the Mopane forests meet a patchwork of deep waterways and shallow flooded areas. It's unforgettably beautiful and packed with game.

Leopard and Wild Dog are regularly seen and the density of antelope is amazing. The area's bird life is exceptionally varied and seasonal, from innumerable Herons, Egrets, Storks and other waders to many species of Sparrow Hawks, Buzzards and Kites.

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