Mobile Camping Trip in Moremi Game Reserve

Botswana mobile camping in Moremi Game Reserve is a wonderful way to get a sense of an area, staying in different campsites and going on long game drives as you move from place to place.

First of All What is a Mobile Safari?

When talking about a mobile safari I do not mean taking your cell phone with you on safari - in many places you won't have reception anyway! No, a mobile safari is where you travel between various different campsites.

On a mobile safari your tents should have already been set up so you will not have to pitch tents and do the cooking. This differs from an overland safari, where you will have to pitch your own tent and help out with chores such as cooking. A mobile safari usually involves a smaller group of people travelling around and includes a few more of the comforts of home.

A Mobile Safari in the Moremi Game Reserve

I recently went on a mobile camping tour in the Khwai region of the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana. When our flight landed we were met by our guide. We then loaded our bags onto the vehicle and set off across the rugged roads into the Moremi Game Reserve.

We entered the reserve by crossing a wooden bridge called Third Bridge which spans the Khwai River. We then headed to our campsite, which was situated in an area called Dombo Hippo Pools. There waiting for us were eight domed tents, situated in the shade of the trees.

We settled into our tents, which were very comfortable and had stretchers with sleeping bags and a low table. Several Hippo were uncharacteristically grazing on the reeds in the afternoon sun, so we got to have a good look at them. After a lunch of spaghetti Bolognaise, we headed out on our afternoon game drive. This was the game drive during which I saw my first herd of Lechwe, and was surprised at how shaggy they were. We also saw a Leopard stalking across the plains.

We then returned to camp after enjoying sundowners. You could choose to shower now using the bucket shower, but there would be no hot water. Showers are generally arranged after the morning game drive as it takes time to heat enough water over the fire. Dinner was a delicious chicken casserole, cooked over the wood fire, followed by canned fruit and custard for dessert.

We spent the evening sitting around the campfire swapping stories and listening to the Lions roaring in the distance. A few bull Elephants wandered through camp and were feeding, cracking branches and enjoying their dinner just beyond the camp.

The next morning we were up early and went on a long game drive to explore this region. There are large tracts of Mopane forest with pools and floodplains interspersed. We saw a lot of different animals, including a pride of Lions and two lone male Lions who we had heard communicating the night before.

We then headed back to camp for a much needed brunch and a rest. A word of caution, the tents can get very hot during the day, and you may find it more comfortable to drag your sleeping bag out under the shade of the trees.

This is also a great time to enjoy a good book, or just relax and take in the beautiful surrounds. We then headed out another very productive game drive followed by another wonderful evening under the African sky.

By Michael English
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