Moremi Highlights

The Moremi Game Reserve is renowned as one of the greatest wildlife centres in Africa but it's not just in the quantity of wildlife that this area stands out. Read more on Moremi highlights.

The scenic beauty of Moremi is indescribable, with seasonal floodplains, large lagoons, wooded islands and riverine forests providing a postcard setting for the dramas played out each day. The Moremi Game Reserve is situated within the Okavango Delta, ensuring that the experience of the safari traveller to Moremi will exceed all expectations

The Moremi area of the Okavango Delta is generally considered to have the best wildlife viewing and one of the most scenic parts of the Delta. Another highlight of Moremi is the presence of two of the most awarded safari lodges in Africa

The two lodges, Chiefs Camp and Mombo Camp, set the standard for other Safari Lodges in Botswana. Moremi also provides one of the most dramatic 4x4 self drive routes on the continent, taking in breathtaking scenery and spectacular wildlife.

What to Do in Moremi

The wonders of Moremi can be experienced through a number of activities including boating, Mekoros, game drives and nature walks in some of the most pristine wilderness areas. The lodges in Moremi provide opportunities for nature walks and boating while others are renowned for the game drives

Lodges and camp sites in Moremi are not fenced and the wildlife moves freely through the areas, making them the perfect places to sit and enjoy, and feel a part of, the passing African day.

Unique Attractions of Moremi

Moremi is often referred to as the most beautiful wilderness area in Africa and visitors are awed by the sights around every corner. The plentiful wildlife adds to the spectacle of an Eden. The annual flooding of the seasonal floodplains of the Okavango Delta is now considered to be one of the unofficial natural wonders of the world.

Moremi is also home to water adapted lions - these cats have adapted to the flooding of their home ranges and often use the water to their benefit Moremi Game Reserve is considered a safe haven of one of Africa's most endangered carnivores, the Wild Dog, and an intense research program on the wild dogs is based in Moremi.

Moremi is the first wilderness area in Africa to be set aside by the local people of the area. This was done in the 1960's to protect the wildlife from the decimation by hunters to the area.

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