A Beautiful Time
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With the onset of the dry season the soul lives through the time, rising with the challenges and, unknowingly, loneliness will creep in until one day you awake and feel the change. It is in the air, a feeling of expectation, like two lovers realizing an attraction. There is no physical sign, just a change in the atmosphere, a sense, an emotion that lingers in the air.

Mid-day: The cry of a fish eagle carries across the heat of the day ....

Late afternoon: Yellowed light is filtered through the trees, shaping the foliage in golden hues, the air is still, scented in the exertions of the day and of the season .... and the time is beautiful.

And as the seasons move so to do our souls...

Another time: 'the first rains of the season may pass through during the night, falling fat and hard, the scent enhanced by the embrace of the night. ....' And the time is beautiful.By Leigh Kemp

Tiger Fishing from the Ngwesi River Boat

One of the main attractions in the Okavango Panhandle is fly-fishing, for Africa's greatest fighting species such as the sought-after Tiger Fish. There are 17 species of fish that can be caught in the Panhandle, including Bream which are usually best during the winter months, from April to August..

The best time to catch Tiger Fish is during the annual catfish run, which from year to year but typically starts late August until the beginning of November.

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