Morning Rains in The Panhandle
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It is still raining, the soft and gentle spatter of life-giving showers enriching the moment. The first light is muted in grey damp and a few itinerant calls signal the dawn but for the rest it is silent - a silence in appreciation of the gift.Far from the wild and beautiful savagery of the African thunderstorm the leaden-sky rains come in a different mood, a slow satiation - and the creatures of the wilderness move to the moment.

Morning comes in a heavy but soul lifting mood, and as the day begins to lift the clouds, snatches of blue indicate a change and as the morning passes the sun begins to break through - the wilderness rejoices in the beauty, in bird song and animal antics. Light catches droplets suspended on foliage and the air is thick with the rich scent of wet earth.

And the time is beautiful

By Leigh Kemp
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