Seat of Creation
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The Okavango Delta in Botswana is so incredibly beautiful and inspiring that one often gets carried away when describing it but such is the splendour that writers can be forgiven for whimsical ideas.

Okavango - Seat of Creation

The beauty of the Okavango Delta is unparalleled in Africa and even spending a few days in the area is a privilege, with its colour contrasts and fascinating wildlife. Living in the Okavango for 12 years one begins to think that this is indeed the seat of the Creation.

Believing in Creation

Experiencing the Okavango over the seasons it becomes more difficult not to believe in the ideal of creation. So perfect is the whole, and so achingly beautiful in places, that the thought of it all mutating from a single cell seems ludicrous. The physical beauty is overpowering and the cycle of life in the eco-system is awe-inspiring.

The first calling to light, revealed creations masterpiece, beauty cradled in time and blueprinted in wilderness archives in hidden corners of the earth. It is beauty beyond the call.

Okavango Journals - early days: 'there is nowhere to hide from this beauty. It is as if my heart cannot take anymore. Beyond each sight there is another, even more beautiful place. The soul is soon saturated by the sheer physical beauty of the place.

'Lying in bed last night I looked up at the stars, as bright as I have ever experienced them. The frogs had fallen silent. The marshy scent of the delta filled my nostrils. All was still except for the occasional plopping of an animal negotiating the floodplain breaking the silence.

'I have experienced beauty in most of Africa's wilderness areas, but few places have matched the creator's eden-blueprint-plan-beauty of the south western floodplains of the Okavango Delta. Here each part seems more beautiful and dramatic than the other. Each corner brings an expectation of something more powerful and each return to a place brings greater wonder'.

Beyond Utopia

The beauty changes with the seasons, but it is in these very changes that the true drama is revealed. We speak of a perfect world where the order is often a utopian dream but in the Okavango Delta, at whatever time of the seasons, the delta itself is what we would dream of in utopia.

Okavngo journals: It is said that everything in the universe evolved from an explosion and that all life on earth came from a single cell but here is a place that seems to be proof of a creation - where the blueprint is taken from the designs of perfection in harmony and landscaping'. It is here where the creations signature can be clearly seen'.

by Leigh Kemp
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