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For intrepid explorers with an appetite for sights and sounds of the bush, Eagle Island offers guided walks.

Xaxaba is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled areas in the world. Eagle Island Camp at Xaxaba is the gateway to the wonderful and mysterious Okavango Delta whose waters pass swiftly and silently through vast beds of papyrus and countless palm-treed islands to seep eventually into the subterranean sounds of the Kalahari. The wetlands of the Okavango are a treasure chest of wildlife and natural wonders. Sights and sounds change with the season and even by the hour.

This is a unique experience. You are some distance from camp, following a waterway created by Hippo bulldozing their own paths through the dense growth of safari papyrus. The African sun is rising and tiny bell frogs in the reeds have reached the coda of their all-night concert. 

Catch sight of the improbably bright plumage of a Kingfisher darting into the swamp and breakfasting on a wriggling fish. You are envy of every living ornithologist because you are floating through feathered heaven. Your professional Eagle Island Ranger, a wildlife expert who knows the terrain intimately, is on hand to guide, track, identify and answer any questions you might have.

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