Places in Botswana

Botswana is a landlocked country in Southern Africa bordered by South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Up to 70 percent consists of the Kalahari Desert and is one of the most sparsely populated nations in the world. In the northwest lies the Okavango Delta , one of the world’s largest inland deltas and in the north lies the Makgadikgadi pan, a large salt pan.The country is predominantly flat with grassland in the eastern region. During the rainy season floodwaters flow into the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, lake Ngami and Lake Xau. The Chobe National Park found in the Chobe District have the world’s largest concentration of African elephants. The Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta is a major tourist destination as well as the Central kalahari Game Reserve , Makgadikgadi Pan and the privately owned Mokolodi Nature Reserve. The Makgadikgadi Sanctuary ( for flamingos) and the Khama Rhino Sanctuary (for rhinoceros) are specialised sanctuaries found in Botswana.There are at least 164 species of mammals, 184 species of birds and over 2 100 species of plan tlife in Botswana. Accommodation in Botswana consists of top class hotels and luxury lodges to mobile camps. Activities at Botswana safari lodges consists of open 4WD safaris, boat and mokoro trips, walking guided safaris, Photographic River Cruises, hiking and trekking trails and many more.

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&Beyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge

Sandibe Okavango Safari lodge, a Botswana game lodge in the beautiful water wilderness of the Okavango Delta offers a secluded safari experience with...more

5 Day Premier Kalahari and Okavango Safari Package

This 5 day Classic Fly-in Kalahari & Okavango Safari tour shows you the contrast between the desert and the delta in different areas of Botswana. This...more

A Morning Game Drive in Chobe

Huge herds of Elephants, Buffalo, dazzles of Zebra and hundreds of Impala; Lion, Leopards and Wild Dogs - a game drive in the Chobe National Park can...more

About Chobe National Park

One of the most sought after destinations in Botswana is the Chobe National Park. You will see an amazing wildlife spectacle, including many thousands...more

Abu Camp

Walking with Elephant safaris are based at Abu Camp - a Botswana game lodge set in a tranquil corner of heaven and pristine wilderness...more

Abu Concession Area - Botswana Okavango

Abu Concession is known for Elephant safari's in the Okavango Delta. This stunning region of the Delta also offers horseback safari's and is a good...more

Affordable Chobe - Classic Fly-in Package for Couples

This 4 day Unforgettable Chobe Classic Fly-in package is ideal for couples looking for safari accommodation away from the larger and busier lodges...more

African Eden - A First-hand Experience of the Okavango Delta

Much has been written and discussed about the magnificent Okavango Delta but it is only through first-hand experience that the real essence of this...more

African Heritage Discovery - Classic Self-Drive Tuli Safari Package

Visit this unique and Superbly Diverse corner of Africa where nature and culture combine for a Classic 5 day Wildlife and Nature Safari Package...more

African Honeymoon Getaway - Premier Chobe Honeymoon Safari Package

This 5 day Premier Fly-in Chobe & Zambezi Queen Package for honeymooners is the ultimate in African romance. With lovers and romantics in mind...more

All African Fly Fishing in the Okavango Panhandle, Botswana

If you are a fly fisherman, finding a barbel run in full swing in the Okavango Panhandle, and successfully landing a big Okavango tiger will just be the icing on the cake...more

All the Reasons to Visit Central Kalahari

The Kalahari stretches from the Northern Cape Province of South Africa into the Central African Republic, through arid wilderness, lush deltas and tropical rain forests...more

An Overview of Moremi Game Reserve

Visit Moremi Game Reserve, one of Africa's most beautiful reserves that is home to vast numbers of African Wildlife. The diverse habitats, beautiful...more

Ancient Culture Encounter - Fly-in Classic Makgadikgadi Package

The Kalahari is a place of legend and is often misunderstood, but this Makgadikgad Cultural Safari Tour in Botswana offers the opportunity...more

Ancient Rivers and Pans - Classic Kalahari Safari Explorer Tour

This 5 day Classic Fly-in Kalahari Explorer package - Ancient Rivers and Pans explores 2 fascinating areas of the Kalahari Desert, showcasing the...more

Areas of Moremi

The Moremi Game Reserve is situated in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. This reserve may be small by Botswana standards, but it has a diverse array of...more

Authentic Moremi - Classic Moremi Safari Tour

The 3 day Classic Fly-in Moremi Vistas Package takes you on a tour of Botswana's world renowned Moremi Game Reserve, right in the heart of the Okavango...more

Authentic Okavango - Classic Okavango Safari Package

The 3 day Authentic Okavango Fly-in Package takes you into the Okavango Delta, where you will explore these magnificent wetlands by canoe or motor-boat...more

Baboons of the Okavango Delta

Baboons have many endearing characteristics and provide endless entertainment on game drives in Africa but in the Okavango Delta in Botswana the baboons...more

Baines Camp

Set amongst the shady trees and water of the Okavango Delta, the small and intimate Baines' Camp features just 5 luxurious suites set on elevated...more

Best of Both - Victoria Falls and Botswana Safari

Spend 10 days on a fully inclusive African safari exploring three iconic safari destinations - Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park in Botswana...more

Best of Panhandle - Classic Okavango Panhandle Safari Package

This 4 day Upper Okavango Botswana Safari Package takes in the Panhandle region of the Delta, where your days are spent on a pristine island enjoying leisurely bird-watching and fishing...more

Best Time to Visit Central Kalahari

The Central Kalahari is a very dry area and during the winter months game viewing can be limited. However with some knowledge of the habits...more

Best Time to Visit Chobe National Park

The Chobe riverfront in Northern Botswana can be considered an all year round safari destination, but is at its peak in the dry months from June through...more

Best Time to Visit Linyanti

Linyanti River, in the north-east region of Botswana is renowned for having large numbers of Elephant, which are more abundant the during the dry winter months from May to November...more

Best Time to Visit Makgadikgadi Pans

Nowhere in Africa does the climate have such a profound effect on the movements of wildlife than in the Makgadikgadi, another place in Botswana...more

Best Time to Visit Savute

Savute has gone through dramatic changes over the past two years. From being an arid area with three waterholes to support the wildlife, Savute is now...more

Best Time to visit the Okavango

The Okavango Delta is a place of numerous ecosystems and as such provides something for everybody at any time of the year. Read more on the best time to...more

Best Time to Visit Tuli

Tuli Block has the same seasons as the other areas of Botswana in that that winters are dry and the summers warm and wet. Animals concentrate around...more

Big Cat Experience - Classic Savute Fly In Safari Package

This 3 day Classic Savute Big Cat Experience Botswana Safari Package showcases a place that is steeped in legend and where the forces of nature continually bring...more

Birds of Tuli Block

On a Tuli Block Safari in Botswana you will see some of the many species of birds that are endemic to the region. The Tuli Block area is known as a...more

Botswana - Selinda and Kwando Private Concessions in Linyanti

The Selinda Reserve in Botswana is a small, private wildlife management area located along the Selinda Spillway, which links the Okavango Delta with the Linyanti...more

Botswana Adventure Safari - Game Drive, Cycle and Horseback

This 5 day Botswana Adventure Safari is ideal for travelers who are looking for an unique Botswana safari experience - horse riding and cycling in the...more

Botswana Safari Foodie Guide

One thing that many safari tours do well is feed their guests. Some Botswana game lodges however stand out when it comes to the quality and variety of...more

Botswana to Kruger Park - Premier Botswana and Kruger Park Safari

This Tuli to Kruger Safari Package is a definitive 7 day Classic Big 5 Safari, combining Tuli Block in Botswana with a private reserve between Kruger...more

Breathtaking Vistas - Classic Moremi Xakanaka Safari Package

This 4 day Classic Fly-in Authentic Moremi Package offers the best of the Okavango Delta in one of the most dramatic areas of this legendary wilderness...more

Buffalo in the Okavango

The Okavango Delta is a haven for Cape Buffalo which occur in herds in their thousands. These herds move between the permanent waterways of Northern...more

Buffalo of Chobe - Chobe Wildlife Guide

One of Africa's Big Five, the Buffalo is always a much sought after sighting on your Chobe National Park safari experience. These huge animals are...more

Camp Kalahari

Camp Kalahari in Botswana offers visitors a truly authentic Kalahari Makgadikgadi Pans bush experience in elegant, understated style....more

Camp Moremi

Camp Moremi offers guests luxury Moremi safari lodge accommodation, warm African hospitality and excellent game viewing in Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana....more

Camp Okavango

Camp Okavango offers guests exclusive Botswana safari accommodation in the heart of the Okavango Delta....more

Camp Savuti

Enjoy an intimate Chobe National Park safari at Camp Savuti where you'll be far from the crowds in an area renowned for its high concentrations of game. The Savuti Channel...more

Celebrities in Chobe - Choice of the Rich and Famous

For countless years, Chobe Game Lodge has lured celebrities and the world's elite, enchanting them with luxurious accommodation, exquisite service, and...more

Central Kalahari Wildlife Guide

The Central Kalahari was the scene of one of Africa's largest land migrations when half a million wildebeest migrated south into the region...more

Changing Wilderness

The Savuti Channel has begun to flow again after almost 30 years of being dry and the area is undergoing great change, with animals having to adapt...more

Chiefs Camp

Chief's Camp is a luxury bush lodge situated on Chief's Island, in the exclusive Mombo Concession of the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana....more

Chitabe Camp

Surrounded by wonderful scenery, Camp Chitabe offers a luxury Botswana safari in the Okavango Delta. The abundance and variety of game is exceptional...more

Chitabe Concession - Botswana Okavango

The Chitabe area offers a variety of different habitats and on your Okavango safari you might have good sightings of Leopard and Wild Dogs,as well as...more

Chobe Bush Lodge

Chobe Bush Lodge is a Chobe River Lodge in Kasane, on the doorstep of four African countries, making it the ideal gateway safari destination...more

Chobe Chilwero Lodge

Chobe Chilwero Lodge is a place of luxury and tradition set deep in the heart of the lush wilderness of Botswana. At this Chobe safari lodge in Botswana you will encounter an African safari...more

Chobe Climate and Environment

Chobe is known as a..unusual, exciting and interesting in Botswana. Chobe is the second largest park in Botswana..Chobe River front with..Savute Marsh...more

Chobe Dust - Chobe Travel Guide

There is a place where elephants, lured by the season, concentrate in large herds creating dust and scenes from a time of our dreams. Game movements are...more

Chobe Floodplains - Deluxe Chobe Safari Package

This 3 day Classic Chobe Floodplains Safari Package provides a Chobe safari in Botswana to rival any in Africa. See predator action as well as great...more

Chobe Forest

The Chobe Forest region is one of the most spectacular areas that you can pass through on your Chobe Safari Experience. The Chobe Forest Reserve is...more

Chobe Game Lodge

Chobe Game Lodge offers the quintessential Botswana game lodge experience, overlooking the timeless vistas of the Chobe River floodplains....more

Chobe Game Lodge Review

Chobe Game Lodge is the only permanent accommodation situated inside the park. It has 46 luxurious en-suite rooms. Chobe National Park is home to...more

Chobe Honeymoon Retreat - Luxury Chobe Honeymoon Safari Package

This 3 day Luxury Fly-in Chobe Honeymoon Package offers you a luxurious and romantic retreat into the heart of the amazing Chobe National Park....more

Chobe Journals - Chobe Travel Guide

Chobe Journals: Place of Dust. The floodplains were empty, cleared overnight, except for an itinerant impala herd. Yesterday clouds of dust could be...more

Chobe Landscape and Vegetation

One of the greatest aspects of your Chobe Safari is the diverse landscape and many habitats that you will pass through. Most parts of Chobe National Park...more

Chobe Legends - Classic Chobe Safari Package

This 4 day Classic Chobe Legends Safari Package for Couples offers the best of Chobe and Botswana in one stay. Enjoy a range of activities...more

Chobe Marina Lodge

Uniquely located in the North-eastern corner of Botswana, Chobe Marina Lodge is surrounded by the natural beauty of Africa. Accommodation at this...more

Chobe Princess Safari Houseboat

The majestic Chobe Princess Safariboat is a stylish luxury safari boat in Botswana that operates on both the Chobe and the Zambezi Rivers. This luxury safari boat...more

Chobe Safari Diary

Savuti is an enigma, a place where the laws of Africa are extended beyond the recognizable. At times it is a river providing a lifeline in a harsh...more

Chobe Safari Lodge

Chobe Safari Lodge is situated on the banks of the Chobe River, and has been taking guests on game viewing trips along the river since 1963. Chobe Safari...more

Chobe Self-drive Safari in Botswana

The Chobe River and Kasane is certainly the easiest place to access in Botswana on a self-drive safari. Situated in the north-eastern corner...more

Chobe Wildlife and Victoria Falls Safari Tour

This Classic Chobe Wildlife & Victoria Falls Combo Safari Package takes you on a journey from the mighty Victoria Falls to the Chobe National Park...more

Chobe Wildlife Guide

The Chobe River, in the far north of Botswana, forms the boundary between Botswana and the Caprivi Strip of Namibia. Famous for its large herds of...more

Chobe. A Place of Contrasts

As with many rivers in Africa the Chobe River showcases a place of many contrasts during the seasons, for here is a place that provides a lifeline for...more

Classic Chobe and Victoria Falls Safari Tour

This 5 day Classic Fly-in Chobe & Victoria Falls Package provides the ultimate African safari where a wide range of activities highlight a spectrum...more

Classic Colonial Chobe Safari Package

The 3 day Fly-in Classic Colonial Chobe Safari Package is the perfect basis for exploring the Chobe National Park. Relax and enjoy the classic...more

Classic Moremi - Xakanaxa Fly In Safari Package

This 3 day Fly-in Classic Moremi safari package takes you into the heart of the Okavango Delta where the Kalahari sands meet the channels and lagoons...more

Classic Okavango - Classic Okavango Fly-In Safari Package

This 3 day Classic Fly-in Okavango Safari package showcases the best of the Delta at a beautiful lodge which is situated by the permanent water....more

Classic Savute and Chobe Safari Tour

The 5 day Classic Fly-in Botswana Savute & Chobe Wildlife Safari provides you with the opportunity to see the vast Elephant herds in the Chobe Region...more

Classic Savute and Okavango Delta Safari Tour

The 5 day Classic Fly-in Savute and Okavango Delta tour combines 2 highlights of Northern Botswana and offers a truly memorable safari in spectacular...more

Colours of the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta in Botswana is a priceless wilderness area and is renowned for its pristine environment and spectacular wildlife but it is in the...more

Cresta Mowana Safari Resort and Spa

Situated on the banks of the Chobe River, Cresta Mowana Is the ideal place to take a break between your Chobe safari and your visit to Victoria Falls...more

Crocodiles of Chobe - Chobe Wildife Guide

The Chobe River is home to many Crocodiles and you will see many of them if you go on a river cruise during your Botswana safari in Chobe...more

Cry of the Kalahari - Classic Kalahari Safari Encounters

This 3 day Classic Fly-in Kalahari & Cultural Package allows you to experience the mystical Kalahari, with game drives and Bushmen interaction taking...more

The Origin of Deception Valley

There is a place at the heart of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana that has confused travelers for centuries, and today even seasoned pilots...more

Deception Valley Lodge

Discover an oasis in the Kalahari not far from the famous Okavango Delta - a luxury Central Kalahari lodge called Deception Valley in the heart of...more

Delta Camp

This intimate and informal safari camp nestles on a small island close to the south-western edge of Chief's Island, heart of the Okavango Delta - the...more

Delta Exploration - Classic Delta Explorer Safari Package

This 3 day Classic Fly-in Delta Exploration Safari Package offers the best of the Okavango Delta with all activities in classic safari style...more

Delta Intrigue - Premier Moremi Safari Package

The 3 day Premier Delta Intrigue Safari Package is based on a stay in a high wildlife density area in the legendary Moremi Game Reserve of Botswana for...more

Deluxe Linyati Safari Tour

This 3 day Elephant Encounters Linyanti Safari takes you into the vast western part of Linyanti in Northern Botswana. The area is renowned for its...more

Deluxe Romantic Soul Escape Safari Tour

This Classic Couples Soul Escape Safari Package allows you to see the wildlife spectacle of Chobe National Park and the beautiful scenery and animals...more

The Denizens of the Kalahari Desert

Botswana is one of the most fascinating countries to visit for an African safari due to its delta in the desert concept, where the Okavango Delta spreads...more

Desert and Rivers - Classic Kalahari and Okavango Houseboat Safari Package

This 7 day Desert and Rivers Botswana Safari package takes in 2 very different regions of Botswana, the dry central Kalahari and the pristine waterways and islands of the Okavango Delta Panhandle...more

Desert to Delta - Classic Fly-in Makgadikgadi Pans and Okavango Safari

On this 5 day Classic Fly-in Makgadikgadi Pans and Okavango Safari for Couples, experience the diversity of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana...more

Dinaka Safari Lodge

Dinaka Safari Lodge is a destination to be remembered! Guests can connect with their unique surroundings and the amazing wildlife at this Central Kalahari lodge in Botswana....more

Exploring the Pans of the Kalahari

The Central Kalahari in Botswana has many fascinating features, none less intriguing than the clay pans that are found periodically on the landscape...more

Discovering the Central Kalahari Game Reserve

The term 'desert' conjures up images of endless barren sand dunes, but the Kalahari is not like this at all. It is well vegetated in many places,...more

Dramatic Wildlife - Premier Moremi Safari Package

Few safaris in Africa can match the drama of the wildlife interaction you will experience on this dramatic 4 day Premier Fly-in Moremi Wilderness Safari...more

Duba Plains Camp

Duba Plains Camp is one of Okavango Delta's most remote camps in a private reserve of 30 000 hectares. This Okavango Delta safari lodge offers land and water based game viewing....more

Duma Tau Camp

Famous for its African Elephants - huge herds congregate in Duma Tau Camp along the waterways and lagoons of Linyanti Wildlife Reserve....more

Eagle Island Camp

Enjoy the magnificent safari sunset, during times of high flood, from the camp's Fish Eagle Bar or from the raised deck overlooking the lagoon. Eagle...more

Ecology of Savute - Savute Safari Guide

The north-east of Botswana has some of the best and most varied safari opportunities with terrain that changes from lush river floodplains to scorched...more

Edos Camp

Edo's Camp is an exclusive Kalahari Lodge in Botswana that offers guests a luxurious getaway. It is for those who are interested in not only the wildlife...more

Elephant Killers of Botswana

The Botswana wilderness is renowned for its unusual animal behavior, none more so than the pride of Lions in the Savute region of Chobe National Park...more

Elephant Valley Lodge

For a Chobe safari in Botswana, Elephant Valley Lodge enjoys a wonderfully cool setting under a canopy of trees, overlooking a waterhole. Elephant herds...more

Elephants of Chobe National Park

One thing is assured on your Chobe National Park safari, you will see Elephants. In the parched winter months, the region is home to around 150 000...more

Elephants of the Okavango

One of Botswana's biggest draw cards is the number of Elephants that live in Northern Botswana. These majestic animals follow ancient migratory routes...more

Essential Okavango - Premier Okavango Safari Tour

The 5 day Premier Fly-in Essential Okavango safari tour in Botswana offers a selection of dramatic wildlife areas with some of the finest game viewing in Africa....more

Every Excuse to Relax at Chobe Game Lodge

Take a break from game drives and bush walks and take a moment to be still while staying at the Chobe Game Lodge. A safari trip can end up being quite...more

Family Holiday in the Makgadikgadi Pans

A safari holiday to the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans in Botswana is an ideal destination for those wanting to spend quality time with their families...more

Family Safari - Classic Okavango Family Safari Package

This 4 day Classic Fly-in Family Okavango Package offers the opportunity for parents to introduce their kids to the wonders of the wilderness and the...more

Fishing and Birding in the Okavango Panhandle

The Okavango Panhandle is legendary for its fishing, and many visitors come from around the world to experience the fishing here, but in safari circles...more

Flames of Fertility - The Story of Fire in the Okavango

Fire can cause great damage but in parts of Africa such as the Okavango Delta in Botswana fire is an integral part of the cycle of life, providing...more

Flooding of the Okavango Delta

One of the greatest natural wonders happens in the Okavango Delta in Botswana where floodwaters carry over the dry sands of the Kalahari forming an...more

Floodplain Vistas - Classic Chobe Floodplains Safari Package

The 3 day Classic Chobe Floodplains Safari package takes you to the Namibian banks of the Chobe River, adjacent to the far northern section of Chobe...more

Flora of the Kalahari

Although devoid of much flora for most of the year a highlight of a Central Kalahari Reserve safari experience is seeing the varied plant life...more

Follow the Chobe Elephants - Deluxe Victoria Falls to Chobe Safari Tour

Interact with and learn about the majestic African Elephant while on our Classic Follow Chobe Elephants Safari Package, which takes you from the majesty...more

Food and Wine

Food is a big part of the safari experience and at a premier lodge great emphasis is put on the cuisine, but even at premier lodges there are mishaps...more

From my Window

Mombo is as dramatic a place as any in Africa, in fact I would say it is the closest to Eden I have ever experienced. The opportunity to work at Mombo...more

Game Viewing in Chobe National Park

While on a Chobe safari you will witness some of the greatest wildlife spectacles on Earth and see plenty of magnificent wildlife, while game viewing...more

Geography of the Salt Pans

One of the greatest experiences on a Kalahari safari in Botswana is discovering the vast alien landscape of the desolate Salt Pans region. The Northern...more

Geology of Tuli

One of the major highlights of the Tuli area is the incredible rock formations that occur in the region. This is because Tuli is located along a fault...more

Getting to Central Kalahari in Botswana

Covering a large portion of central Botswana the Central Kalahari Game Reserve can be accessed from all sides, and depending where you are heading...more

Getting to Chobe National Park

The region famously referred to as Chobe is the area of the Chobe National Park along the riverfront and getting there is easier than imagined...more

Getting to Savute

Getting to Savute by light aircraft is a breeze. All of our Siyabona Botswana safaris include flights to and from, and between the various lodges...more

Getting to Tuli Block

The Tuli Block is an area of private land in eastern Botswana ceded to the British government by the local authorities to act as a buffer against Boer...more

Ghoha Hills

Overlooking a waterhole that actively attracts an exhaustive list of the most admired animals, the Ghoha Hills, Savuti Lodge situated in Botswana’s Chobe...more

Grasslands Bushman Lodge

A place of wonders in the desert, this Central Kalahari lodge in Botswana offers authentic Bushmen interaction and exciting activities in a welcoming...more

Guide to Makgadikgadi Pans

The Makgadikgadi Pans in central north Botswana, are part of a surreal magical wilderness rarely found today. This place of solitude with an ancient...more

Guiding Recollections

I was not one of the guides taken to constantly trying to impress guests through showing them my extraordinary senses or my intimate knowledge of wild...more

Gunns Camp

Gunn's Camp, overlooking the legendary Chief's Island and bordering the Moremi Game Reserve is set under leafy palms, blending naturally...more

Haina Kalahari Lodge

Guests at Haina Kalahari Lodge in Botswana can have a real African safari experience observing game in pristine bush landscapes. This Central Kalahari...more

Heart of Chobe - Classic Chobe and Savute Safari Tour

During the 5 day Classic Fly-in Chobe and Savute Safari tour you'll experience the amazing wildlife of the Chobe National Park which is known for its...more

Herbivores of the Kalahari - Central Kalahari Wildlife Guide

You will see many different species of animals on a Central Kalahari Safari Experience, many of which have adapted to life in this hostile environment...more

Highlights of Chobe National Park

During the dry season, between April and October, the Chobe River provides a lifeline for Botswana's great Elephant herds and they travel vast distances....more

Highlights of the Central Kalahari

Most of Botswana is covered by the sands of the Kalahari but it is the vast central area of the country that is encompassed by the wilderness...more

Highlights of the Okavango

Highlights of the Okavango Delta include its spectacular scenery and an event that takes place annually, which occurs in very few other places around the...more

Hippo of the Okavango

One of the iconic animals of the Okavango Delta has to the Hippo, and there are many of these rotund creatures that call the Delta home. They can often...more

History of Chobe

The Chobe Game Reserve is one of the world's most famous national parks. It is where Elizabeth Taylor married Richard Burton for a second time...more

History of Tuli Block

The Tuli region has one of the longest and most fascinating histories in Botswana, with many different groups fighting over it. It eventually became a...more

Houseboat Adventure - Classic Moremi and Okavango Panhandle Houseboat Safari Package

This Classic 5 day Safari Package visits 2 very different regions of Botswana - the pristine waterways and islands of the Okavango Delta and the unknown Panhandle. This Botswana houseboat & wildlife safari...more

How to get around the Okavango

Because of the remoteness of some of the areas in the Okavango Delta, and the water levels at certain times of year, the Delta is a very difficult place...more

Hyenas of Savute

Hyenas are one of the most common and successful predators that you will see while on safari in the Savuti region of Botswana. The Savuti region is known...more

Hyenas of Tuli Block

Hyenas are one of the most common predators in the Tuli area, and their haunting whoops are characteristic of the African night. Spotted Hyenas are...more

Islands of the Okavango

The Okavango Delta is dotted with countless islands ranging in size from small termite mounds to vast tracts of land, and all provide drama through the...more

Jacana Camp

Jacana Camp is a small camp set in the permanent wetlands of the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Enjoy the beauty of this intimate Okavango Delta camp which is ideally located on a shimmering, secluded island. Embark on water-based safari activities...more

Jacks Camp

Jack's Camp is situated in the Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana and provides guests with a unique Botswana safari experience....more

Jao Camp

Set on a remote Botswana island and accessible only by air, Jao Camp is situated in the heart of the Okavango Delta and ensures a private and secluded Botswana safari experience....more

Jao Concession Area - Botswana Okavango

The Jao Concession is a picturesque wonderland. The scenery is what most people imagine they will see on their Okavango safari, with palm fringed islands...more

Kalahari Family Experience - Classic Kalahari Safari Fly-in Package

This 4 day Family Fly-in Classic Kalahari Safari package is specially designed so that you and your children can enjoy real Bushman interaction and...more

Kalahari Highlights - Classic Fly-in Kalahari Desert Highlights Safari Tour

This Classic 5 day Fly-in Kalahari Desert Highlights Package combines a lodge stay with a mobile safari in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, for the...more

Kalahari Journals - Kalahari Travel Guide

The Kalahari has played on the minds and passions of explorers and adventurers for centuries and in particular the area located in the center of Botswana...more

Kalahari Mosaics - Classic Kalahari Mobile Desert Safari Adventurer

This 7 day Classic Expedition Mobile Botswana Safari explores Botswana’s best kept secrets, the Central Kalahari, Deception Valley and Makgadikgadi Pans...more

Kalahari Plains - Classic Kalahari Fly-In Safari Tour

This 3 day Classic Fly-in Kalahari Wilderness Package takes you into a remote area of the Central Kalahari to see outstanding wildlife with vast antelope...more

Kalahari Plains Camp

This remote Central Kalahari lodge in Botswana is situated in an outstanding wildlife area in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve with legendary Black...more

Kalahari Travel Journal - A Place of Healing

Accommodation review of Grasslands Safari Lodge and Deception Valley Lodge located in the Central Kalahari of Botswana. The dust turns the sun into a...more

Kalahari Travel Journal - Fences of Death

Nowhere in Africa has the debate between development and conservation been so extreme as in Botswana with the erection of veterinary fences to prevent...more

Kalahari Travel Journal - Land of Drying Rivers

The fascinating cycle of life of the Kalahari can be experienced in the valleys and dunes of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana, a place of...more

Kalahari Travel Journal - Living Desert

The Sands of the Kalahari Desert cover nearly three quarters of the land area of Botswana and, with many vastly differing eco-systems, provides some of...more

The San Of The Kalahari

The ruling by the Botswana High Court in December 2006 entitling the Basarwa San or bushmen of the Kalahari to live in the Central Kalahari Game...more

Kanana Camp

Kanana Camp is set on the Xudum River in the southwest region of Botswana's Okavango Delta and offers travellers a fantastic Okavango Delta safari experience in Botswana....more

Khwai Concession Area - Botswana Okavango

The Khwai Concession is a large area dominated by Mopane forests on the north eastern edge of the Okavango Delta. This vast area belongs to the local...more

Khwai River Lodge

Khwai River Lodge is one of the oldest game lodges in Botswana. It is located 8km (4.9 miles) north-west of the north gate of the Moremi Game Reserve....more

Kings Pool

Kings Pool is a luxury Botswana safari lodge that is steeped in nostalgia and is fit for royalty. The lodge is located overlooking a lagoon in the wildlife-rich Linyanti concession, bordering the Chobe National Park....more

Kubu Lodge

Kubu Lodge, a rustic type safari lodge in Botswana, is situated on the banks of the Chobe River. At this Botswana safari lodge you can look forward to...more

Kwando River Escape - Classic Kwando Safari Package

This 3 day Fly-in Classic Linyanti Kwando River Escape Safari takes you to the banks of the wild Kwando River, overlooking the Mudumu National Park and...more

Kwara Camp

Kwara Camp is in the heart of a private wildlife concession bordering the famous Moremi Game Reserve of the Okavango Delta. The emphasis at Kwara...more

Kwara Concession Area - Botswana Okavango

The Kwara Reserve is on the southern edge of the Okavango. This is a drier region with open savannahs and Mopane woodlands. On your Okavango safari...more

Kwetsani Camp

Kwetsani Camp is an Okavango Delta safari lodge located in the private Jao Concession Reserve on an island heavily wooded with palm, mangosteen, and fig trees...more

Lagoon Camp

Enjoy a beautiful forested setting humming with wildlife on a Botswana Safari at Kwando Lagoon Camp, which overlooks the Kwando River and Namibia's Caprivi Strip....more

Land of the Giants - Deluxe Tuli Safari Tour

The 4 day Classic Tuli Big 5 Safari Package takes you into one of Botswana's best kept secrets. Discover a place where even the giant Baobabs and...more

Lebala Camp

Lebala Camp sits on the floodplains of the Kwando River in the huge (232, 000 hectare) Kwando Concession, renowned for its large elephant and predator population....more

Leopards of Chobe National Park - Chobe Wildlife Guide

The Leopard is one of the most elusive animals that tourists try and spot on a Chobe National Park safari. It is one of Africa's Big Five and is often...more

Leopards of Tuli Block

Leopards are one of Africa's most widespread cats, but they are seldom seen due to their solitary nature, yet the chances of seeing them in the Tuli...more

Leroo La Tau

Leroo La Tau is a Makgadikgadi Pans safari lodge, ideally situated on a cliff, overlooking the Makgadikgadi National Park in Botswana....more

Lifeline of Savute - Linyanti Safari Guide

The Savuti region covers an approximate area of 5000 square kilometres and is located in the South West of Chobe in Botswana...more

Linyanti Concession - Botswana Okavango

The Linyanti area is fascinating for its geography. Movements in the Earth's crust mean that rivers can disappear and flow again independently of good...more

Linyanti Ecosystem - Linyanti Safari Guide

Connoisseurs in the safari industry are calling the Linyanti ecosystem in Botswana, the new big thing in African safaris and many consider the area to be one of the...more

Linyanti Journals - Linyanti Travel Guide

With the ending of the hunting the wildlife slowly began to settle down and I heard rumours that Linyanti was becoming one of Botswana's finest wildlife...more

Linyanti Wildlife - Linyanti Travel Guide

The Linyanti region used to be a hunting concession and for a while the animals were shy of the vehicles, but in the last decade the area has focused on...more

Lion Encounters - Classic Savute Safari Package

This 3 day Classic Fly-in Savute Safari Package focuses on the Savute region of the world renowned Chobe National Park, famous for its African Lions and...more

Lions in Camp

The initial briefing for guests is one of the most important aspects of a safari in Botswana as the camps are not fenced and the potential for danger is...more

Lions of the Kalahari - Central Kalahari Wildlife Guide

A Central Kalahari Safari Experience allows you to see rare Black-Maned Lions that have adapted to a harsh existence in the Central Kalahari....more

Lions of the Okavango

Lions are not the first animal that comes to mind when you think of an inland Delta, but the Lions of the Okavango have adapted to their wetland habitat...more

Lions of Tuli Block

Seeing Lions is always a highlight on any Tuli safari in north eastern Botswana. The Lion is Africa's and Tuli's largest cat and is also the most...more

Little Kwara Camp

Little Kwara Camp is a luxury safari lodge situated on permanent waters in the heart of the Okavango. This camp offers you the complete Okavango Delta...more

Little Mombo Camp

Excellent game at Little Mombo Camp has made this Moremi Game Reserve safari area Botswana's top wildlife documentary location....more

Little Vumbura Camp

One of the camp's attractions is the outdoor dining area. Wooden decks have been built on the floodplains and dinners under the stars are a wonderful...more

Makgadikgadi Family Safari - Classic Fly-in Explorer Tour

This 4 day Classic Makgadikgadi Pans Family Safari tour provides the ideal getaway for a family wanting to experience Botswana together but at the same...more

Makgadikgadi Flora and Fauna

A Makgadikgadi Pans safari in Botswana is more about the landscape and the sense of space than about the wildlife as the region does not support many...more

Makgadikgadi Journals - Makgadikgadi Pans Travel Guide

The edge of the Makgadikgadi Pan was smeared in pink – thousands of flamingos were feeding in the shallows. The water was higher than I had ever seen it...more

Makgadikgadi Pans Activities

The vast salt pans known as the Makgadikgadi in Botswana may seem desolate and devoid of life, but there is something special about the area, and a...more

Makgadikgadi Pans Wildlife and Birds

The Makgadikgadi Pans are the world's largest salt pans and despite the categorization the pans and the surroundings support an array of wildlife...more

Makoro Okavango Delta Canoe Excursions

There are many forms of safari activity in Africa but few can match the unique Makoro or dugout canoe excursions in the Okavango...more

Mamba Stories

The black mamba is one of the most feared snakes in the world, and certainly the most feared in Africa. It was once believed that if you were bitten by a...more

Man and the Okavango

There is often a clash in the wilderness areas of Africa between conservation ideals and subsistence living but in Botswana's Okavango Delta...more

Mapula Lodge

At this Botswana safari lodge you can look forward to a true wilderness setting with sweeping views of the Okavango Delta. Mapula Lodge offers a full range of land and water activities...more

Mashatu Game Reserve Guide

This far eastern corner of Botswana is historically known as the Tuli Block and is an extremely picturesque and diverse wilderness. It has river-hugging...more

Mashatu Main Camp

Like past explorers, guests at Mashatu Main Camp will come to understand the beauty and wildness of Africa, how vast and special it is. See the wildlife...more

Mashatu Tented Camp

Mashatu Game Reserve, located in the remote eastern corner of Botswana, at the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe rivers, is a diverse wilderness...more

Maun - Gateway of the Okavango

Maun is known as the gateway of the Okavango but it is also the gateway to much of northern and central Botswana and the majority of safaris...more

Miracle Rivers - Fly-in Guided Mobile Safari Tour to Moremi, Okavango

This 7 day Fly-in Mobile Moremi and Okavango Tour is ideal for people who want to enjoy an adventurous mobile safari through the pristine Okavango wilderness....more

Mobile Camping Trip in Moremi Game Reserve

Botswana mobile camping in Moremi Game Reserve is a wonderful way to get a sense of an area, staying in different campsites and going on long game drives as you move from place to place....more

Mombo Camp

Mombo Camp in the Okavango Delta has an enviable position within the Moremi Game Reserve. Your Botswana safari here will be filled with remarkable game viewing...more

Monkey Raiders

“The monkeys have trashed the bar again'. Unlike the 'nocturnal raider' hyena, monkeys work during broad daylight, carrying out audacious raids under...more

Moremi Concession - Botswana Okavango

Moremi Game Reserve is considered to be one of the most beautiful game reserves in Africa, and is the perfect Okavango safari destination for those who...more
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